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Looking for a unique experience at GP Las Vegas? Sign up for the History of Draft and draft your way through Magic’s rich history for five full days! The adventure kicks off Wednesday with a Return to Ravnica Block draft and culminates with an Ice Age draft on Sunday night. This package includes FOUR drafts on each of the five days of the event, for a total of TWENTY drafts! For each event listed, players draft a deck and play three one-game rounds. Space is limited, so pre-register and make your mark on the History of Draft! The package includes:

  • 20 drafts over five days, as listed below, that take you through the storied history of the Draft format!
  • Miss a draft? No worries – you can still collect your packs!
  • An incredible playmat featuring the Original Art of Ancestral Recall by Mark Poole!
  • Exclusive 2017 Grand Prix Foil Promo Progenitus
  • ChannelFireball Supplies
  • This package does NOT include Main Event Registration.

    Drafts from this package may also be purchased a la carte. Prices are listed in the following table. A la carte drafts purchased do not include other benefits listed above.

    History of Draft Schedule

    10:00 AMБлок «Возвращение в Равнику» ($20)Блок «Зендикар» ($50)Блок «Спираль Времени» ($60)
    Блок «Onslaught» ($30)Блок «Urza» ($80)
    1:00 PMБлок «Иннистрад» ($20)Блок «Осколки Алары» ($30)Блок «Равника» ($40)Блок «Odyssey» ($30)Блок «Tempest» ($50)
    5:00 PMБлок «Шрамы Мирродина» ($20)Блок «Шэдоумур» ($30)Блок «Kamigawa» ($40)Блок «Invasion» ($30)Блок «Mirage» ($40)
    8:00 PMВозрождение Эльдрази ($50)Блок «Лорвин» ($50)Блок «Mirrodin» ($40)Блок «Masques» ($40)Блок «Ice Age» ($40)